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I am 66yo, married with 3 grownup kids and 1 dog, I live in the se suburbs of Melbourne.

In July 2022 I contracted my 2nd bout of covid and it really hit hard, I had the antivirals(Paxlovid) and I believe that they are what got me through. I was back at work after a couple of weeks and was finding it harder and harder to get through my day, by midday all I wanted to do was fall asleep! Also my breathing was deteriorating rapidly, I used up what sick leave i had in the hope that things would improve for me but unfortunately I seemed to be going downhill. After much thought I decided my only option wqas to quit work to concentrate on my health.

My doctor signed me off as sick for 3 months and I started doing the rounds of specialists, I got the all clear from my cardiologistjust a couple of minor things he wants to keep an eye on. Next was the thoracic physician, nuclear scans found that I had clotting on my left lung, I am now on blood thinners to try and disperse the clots..

6 months down the track from my covid infection I am still struggling with my breathing, it is slightly better but fatigue is still hitting me hard. Prior to this I was doing a fairly physical job with no problems now I struggle to do 40 mins in the garden. This is also impacting my mental health and non of the medical specialists or doctors will attribute my condition to covid, non of them use the term long covid, it is very frustrating.


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