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Fleur – coping but only "just" 

Fleur is still learning how to cope with the congoing challenges posed by Long COVID.


Although Fleur is back to full time work, her Long COVID symptoms still need to be tended to and managed, particularly after she has overexerted herself. This means she needs to “handle [her] symptoms with rest the minute that [she] walks in the door every day and then the whole weekend.”


Fleur describes her current state as “coping but only just – the change that has had to occur to my life because of Long COVID has been ridiculous”.


Long COVID’s effect is not limited to physical symptoms – the financial toll due to taking leave without pay has also been financially challenging and emotionally stressful. Fleur wishes that people who are affected by Long COVID were granted some additional sick leave. 


“I have to take leave without pay as all my banked sick leave was used up with Long COVID. It makes me cranky because now I have the extra financial stress that leave without pay causes especially with home loans, etc.,” she says.   


Overall, Fleur describes that “it is a tough life, and I am so much better than what some other people are”.


“I hope one day we can get some further support.”

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