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When Fran contracted COVID-19 she had pretty much all the symptoms (she was fully immunised). Fran describes that she was bed-ridden for over three weeks then a “couch junky” with constant aches, pains, and spiralling through all the symptoms on and off. Fran states that “I have never been so exhausted ever” and has expressed that this support group has started to empower her to fight to be heard.


She struggles with dealing with non-believers and being made to feel like she is lying or being dishonest. Fran finds such a comfort in knowing that others can understand, can know what she’s feeling and can empathise with one another. Fran had a bad experience with doctors that made her feel frustrated and disbelieved. She had to take her daughter with her to explain her symptoms, what she was going through and the worry that her family had watching her so unwell and suffering.


Fran states that “every day is a struggle and I never know whether pushing through is the correct treatment or is worth the crash it causes”.

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