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Patient Stories

We believe that story telling is an important way to help the broader community understand the experiences of people affected by Long COVID.

You can also join our community to engage with others experiencing Long COVID.

Cyndi – "the lonely business of Long COVID"

After a brief admission to hospital, Cyndi returned to her exercise and work routine. Despite this return to ‘normal’, Cyndi is yet to recover. 

Gary – his experience with Long COVID 

Gary's Long COVID experience has involved significant back and neck pain along with an altered sense of taste.

Fleur – coping but only "just" 

Although Fleur is back to full-time work, her Long COVID symptoms still need to be tended to and managed, particularly after she has overexerted herself. This means she needs to handle her symptoms with rest. 

Karen – experiencing the "COVIDcoaster"

Prior to Long COVID Karen worked full time, was reasonably fit and active, healthy and double vaccinated. Long COVID dramatically affected her life. She is now on the mend and wants to share her story. 

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