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Welcome to the Department of Health's special presentation on Long COVID: Real Lived Experiences. In these videos, we will delve into the profound impact that Long COVID has had on individuals and communities in Australia.

For more advice on what you can do to protect yourself and others from COVID, visit:

Alicia's Long COVID Story

"Before Long COVID changed our lives, I was a busy mum of 3 boys, working in a very physical job, social, outgoing & happy.
Now, I am mostly bed-ridden, relying on my husband for everything, unable to work & scared of what the future holds.
This could happen to you."





Jordan's Long COVID Story

Jordan got COVID in January 2022, and his life hasn’t been the same since.
He shares with us how his life has been impacted by Long COVID and urges Victorians to stay ahead of the virus.

Miquette's Long COVID Story

"My children are impacted mentally by it as well, because they're watching their mother just... fade away. I don’t escape it.”

Miquette shares her journey with Long COVID and wants Victorians to know that anyone can get it.

The best way to not get long COVID, is to not get COVID.

"In this special presentation, 'See Us, Hear Us, Partner with Us, ' we spotlight the voices of those affected by Long COVID. Alicia and Miquette, like many others here, have been living with the challenges of this condition."

Alicia: "We made a conscious choice not to wear masks today. Our hoarse voices are symbolic of the struggles we face with Long COVID. We want to be seen and heard, unfiltered."

Miquette: "Absolutely. Our voices may be weakened, but our resolve is strong. We're here to share our stories, to shed light on the realities of living with Long COVID."

Media Releases


Media release expressing concerns over Queensland Chief Health Officers views on Long COVID.

Long COVID Support Australia recognises that Long COVID is a complex and debilitating condition
that affects a significant number of individuals worldwide. Today, on International Long COVID
Awareness Day, our organisation, along with Australian Long COVID patients, had planned numerous
events aimed at raising awareness, fostering hope, and seeking understanding from the broader
public and media. Unfortunately, Dr. Gerrard's comments have inadvertently overshadowed these
efforts, causing distress and undermining the collective spirit of this important day.









Landmarks all over Australia will be lit up in teal on or around 15th March to mark the day.

The Long COVID Support Australia Community will be observing the day by taking a selfie of themselves
lying down with the hashtag #WakeUpToLongCovid to highlight awareness and the need for the
government to implement their own recommendations following a Parliamentary Inquiry into Long COVID
and Repeated Infections.


Long COVID Support Australia's response to the Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections

The Committee published its report Sick and tired: Casting a long shadow. Please see our Media Release attached below in response.

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