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“Four weeks ago, I first had symptoms of a bad neck ache travelling up my rear skull. I treated this with Panadol, and it seemed to work. However, my lower back became very sore then my left hip was painful enough to prevent using steps (normally). Within a day or so the other hip went on me, and I was only hobbling around. Both my shoulders which have a bit of arthritis became too sore to lift anything above my head. My mouth became horrible, and my taste was shocking also common things like my wife mixing a cup of coffee which smelt repulsive. Maybe things have climaxed as my hips got mostly better and my back is now bearable, but the pain moved into my thighs and calf muscles. Since the onset, I have had high temperatures outside of Panadol dosage which stems the temp, also cold clothes. My diet is shot due to flavour. I did have a piece of toast yesterday coated with syrup which covered my mouth with a nice taste. I had a small meal of rice and chicken stir-fry which is the best meal (yummy) I have had in about two weeks.”

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