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Sep 19, 2022
In I have Long COVID
I contracted COVID-19 @ work and tested positive on Jan 16th 2022. My symptoms got worse within 3 days and resulted in severe lethargy - I slept for most of the day/night for 2 weeks. When I did move I coughed and was extremely short of breathe. I had headaches and a sore throat and cough. I had 3 weeks off work and went back reluctantly for 2 weeks as I was about to have a months leave. I had very little voice and was constantly breathless relying on ventolin. Whilst on holidays my breathlessness became worse and I was weak, needed to sleep a lot and constantly coughing. I returned to work after nearly 5 weeks and I found I could barely remember how yo do my job. My memory, planning, coping with more than 1 task was all gone. After 2 shifts I went on Sick leave. That was in March. I am now on Long Service Leave and once my leave is finished will not return to my previous role. Current symptoms are fatigue sore throat, headache, brain fog. I am trying a lot of natural supplements and have just started on the STRONGER Study using statins. I am improving but not enough yet to be back to my old life. I feel I'm in limbo not moving forwards but thankfully not going backwards either.


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