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Jan 02, 2023
In Advocacy
Happy New Year everyone! This is just a quick courtesy message for ADMIN letting you know that the link for the RACGP resource is broken. Cheers! Belinda😀
Nov 17, 2022
In I have Long COVID
Hello everyone. After having successfully avoided covid, sadly I caught it in July this year. I'm immunocompromised with a T cell disorder and am a chronic asthmatic so avoiding it was, and still is, a huge priority for me. I got onto antivirals very quickly and although I didn't end up in hospital, I was very crook. Anyway cut a long and eventful story short, I'm still constantly tired and have ongoing heart palpitations. I go out only when I absolutely have to and have help come and assist with housework & lawnmowing. I get angry when I hear people and the media saying 'it's just like the flu' and when restrictions keep being relaxed and mask wearing became optional. It will be very interesting 10 years from now when all the ramifications of this virus come to light.


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